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I am Tae-Yeon, Hwang, the first president of the Korea Foundation For Suicide Prevention.

  • Now, we should protect the lives of all so that people do not give up on their lives in despair, and build a society that dreams of a hopeful future.
  • As we hear the sad news of the loss of precious lives every day, we wonder if there is any way we can protect these lives and save hope.
  • In the meantime, the government has been reducing the suicide rate since 2013 as a diligent effort to protect people's lives, and in 2018, announced the National Suicide Prevention Action Plan, promoting a pan-ministerial and social movement to prevent suicide.
  • The Korea Foundation For Suicide Prevention was launched as a foundation under the Ministry of Health and Welfare by integrating the Korea Suicide Prevention Center and the Korea Psychological Autopsy Center to overcome this crisis and efficiently carry out projects in line with the national policy direction.
  • Our foundation supports and educates policy establishment based on scientific evidence, nurtures experts in suicide prevention, analyzes and researches causes of suicide, improves awareness and promotes to establish a culture of respect for life, supports and evaluates community suicide prevention projects, manages high-risk groups of suicide and bereaved families We plan to systematically implement suicide prevention, intervention, and follow-up management by conducting business and other tasks.
  • Experts alone are not enough to successfully carry out the task without losing precious lives. In the interest of all the people, the public and private sectors should cooperate to establish a culture of respect for life and find a way to solve it. To this end, our foundation will keep its doors wide open to be with you.
  • Are you all having a hard time? Do you need help in the agony of despair? Call the 1393 helpline number that is open for you at any time. We will inspire you with the warmth of hope. We ask you to accompany our foundation to a society where all citizens protect precious lives and dream of a hopeful future.
  • Thank you.

President of the Korea Foundation For Suicide Prevention. Tae-Yeon, Hwang

  • 1988.Bachelor of Medicine, Korea University
  • 1997.Doctor of Medicine, Korea University Graduate School of Medicine
  • 2004.Master of International Mental Health, Melbourne University, Australia
  • 1994~2016.Director of Mental Health, Director of Medical Center, Psychiatrist at Medical Foundation Yongin Mental Hospital
  • 1997~1998.Clinical Researcher of Public Psychiatry, Columbia University, New York, USA
  • 2003~2016.Director, World Health Organization (WHO) collaboration center for Psychosocial Rehabilitation and community psychiatry
  • 2005~2011.Director of Mental Health, Korean Neuropsychiatric Association
  • 2010~2016.Chairman, Korean Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation
  • 2016~2021.Director, Division of Mental Health policy and services
  • 2017~2021.President, Korean Association of Social and Community Psychiatry