About the organization

What difficulties are you having right now?
You can learn about your difficulties and do self-examination.

Installation Grounds & Mission

Founding background

  • The government enacted the 「Suicide Prevention Act」 to protect the precious lives of the people and create a culture of respect for life, and made efforts to establish the Korea Suicide Prevention Center, Korea Psychological Autopsy Center, and Local Suicide Prevention Center. The suicide rate did not drop dramatically, and in January 2018, the 「National Action Plan for Suicide Prevention」 was announced to promote suicide prevention across all ministries and societies. In line with this policy direction, it plays a pivotal role in establishing, operating, and supporting a suicide prevention system. The 'Korea Foundation For Suicide Prevention' was established.

Installation basis

  • Article 32 of the 「Civil Law」 and Article 4 (2) of the 「Rules on the establishment and supervision of non-profit corporations under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency」