About the organization

What difficulties are you having right now?
You can learn about your difficulties and do self-examination.

Organization chart
  • President

    Board of Directors


    Executive director

    Policy Support Division
    Department of Planning and Coordination
    • Strategic Planning Team
    • Public-Private Cooperation Team
    Department of Management Support
    • Human Resource Development Team
    • Operation Support Team
    • Informatisation Management Team
    Department of Public Relations
    • Public Relations Planning Team
    • Media Colloboration Team
    Education and Research Division
    Department of Education
    • Planning and Development Team
    • Education Operation Team
    Department of R&D
    • Policy Research Team
    • Data Management Team
    • Data Analysis Team
    Service Management Division
    Department of Regional Planning&Evaluation
    • Regional Planning Team
    • Regional Evaluation Team
    Department of Risk Management
    • Risk Management Planning Team
    • Risk Management Service Team
    Department of Post-suicide evalation
    • Psychological Autopsy Evaluation Team
    • Post-suicide Response Team